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Image of #STAY LIT 1
  • Image of #STAY LIT 1

These are not just shirts.
They are shields, visual African- diasporic good luck charms, and positive melanin energy emitters.

Design: #StayLIT

I created this design to be an agent of visual trans-formative healing for anyone who identifies as a person of color. Globally, people of color have faced different and unique forms of oppression and cultural manipulation.

Colonization, slavery, imposition of religion/language, institutionalized racism, racial segregation, the war on drugs/ the crack epidemic, and educational disparities.
Even though we have been traumatized by this oppression, we still have found ways to turn are darkest situations into Light.

Look at the contributions that we’ve made to the civilizations of this world.... Our Music is LIT. Our fashion is LIT. Our art is a LIT. Our businesses are LIT. Our literature is LIT. Our food is a LIT. Our mind is LIT. Our skin tone/complexion is LIT....Basically WE OUR THE EPITOME OF LIT.